December 30, 2005


The next stop on our tour was Durham, North Carolina. From the land of horses to the land of tobacco. A pit stop along the way led us to Corbin, Kentucky; site of the first Kentucky Fried Chicken. Really it's called Sanders Cafe but also carries the corporate logo. It was an interesting little place with a modern KFC kitchen to the left, and the old cafe to the right. Almost like taking chicken home to eat.

We drove through Knoxville, TN but didn't see the sun sphere. I suppose that's because Nelson knocked it down (Ha ha!) We arrived at the destination around 11:00 PM eastern time.

Most of the vacation was spent in Durham and we did a lot of eating. People must eat after all, and why not try the local cuisine? We hit up a couple barbeque places and found out that it's quite different then the stuff we get around here. Barbeque there is clear, with the primary ingredient vinegar. Definitely a change from the Kansas City style which sometimes requires a change of clothes when done.

A lot of time was also spent touring colleges. We saw Duke, North Carolina (UNC-Chapel Hill) and Wake Forest. Wake Forest was my choice, all I really wanted was a souvenir. Those Demon Deacons don't sell a lot of stuff outside their campus. I could not see myself going to Duke or Wake Forest, perhaps UNC, but nothing beats MSU,M.

On December 4, it was off to our nation's capital.

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